Suzhou leg of 1st Curling World Cup wraps up W020180917434729262782.jpg

The Curling World Cup Suzhou 2018-19 wrapped up on Sept 16. The Canadian team won the championships in the women's, men's and mixed doubles tournaments after beating their opponents.

The Curling World Cup is a new annual four-leg event initiated by World Curling Federation last year. It is the only international competitive curling event featuring women's, men's and mixed doubles tournaments.[MORE]

Marvelous venue at SZOSC

The Suzhou leg of the Curling World Cup was held at SZOSC's 1,500-sqm and 4,500-seat ice arena tailored for it.

The venue was built with high standards for Olympic facilities, including strict humidity control and professional ice-making by crews dispatched by the WCF.

During the event, SZOSC also hosted a series of curling experience activities in an attempt to popularize...[MORE]

114 local volunteers help ensure a successful event

A total of 114 volunteers served in the event to help ensure it went on in an orderly manner. Among them are 63 students from Soochow University and 51 recruited from hundreds of local applicants.

In different groups, the volunteers worked on reception, language interpretation, medical assistance, audience guidance, liaison and communication and other support to the event organizer...[MORE]