SZOSC commercial plaza and natatorium come into service
After four years' construction started in 2014, the commercial plaza and natatorium at SZOSC formally came into service on June 30, becoming the first SZOSC components opened to the public. The 100,000-sqm plaza is a shopping and amusement paradise, while the 47,000-sqm modern natatorium boasts not only high-standard swimming pools but also many other facilities for people who fancy table tennis, rock climbing, tennis and badminton among other sports. [MORE]
A landmark sports park featuring local and exotic characteristics
Centrally located in SIP's Hudong sub-district, SZOSC is hailed as a local landmark project for its integrated functions and unique design demonstrating both local and exotic characteristics. GMP Design, a German company committed to delivering fast design and visualization solutions to a broad range of architectural and interior projects, led the design of the project with the participation of a number of design companies based in the United States, the UK, Japan and Singapore. [MORE]
High-standard EUROJOY ice rink for events and fun
The 1,300-sqm ice rink operated by EUROJOY, a brand within Austria-based ice rink solution supplier AST, has attracted many skating enthusiasts. It was built with the standards for Olympic facilities and equipped with globally advanced equipment for ice sports. It is learnt that professional ice hockey and skating training programs are expected to start in the future for the purpose of widely popularizing the sports in the city. [MORE]
Sports-themed shopping center
The 100,000-sqm commercial plaza is an important recreational zone and business carrier at SZOSC. It is also the country's first sports-themed shopping center. It is now home to over 150 globally and domestically renowned commercial brands such as Zumiya, LEGO, Classic Teddy World, EUROJOY, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Jinhaihua Restaurant, which offers a wide variety of products and services to meet the demands of different age groups. [MORE]
World–class natatorium open to the public throughout the year
The modern natatorium boasts several high-standard swimming pools, including a training pool, two for children and a competition pool under 3,000 audience seats, which will satisfy different groups' needs for learning swimming and enjoying professional swimmers' competitions. Besides, it also has facilities for other sports such as table tennis, rock climbing and squash. The competition pool can be used to host various international and domestic swimming and water polo games, and opens to the public in July and August. The other swimming pool opens to the citizens throughout the year at favorable fees. [MORE]