Dragon boat race wraps up

As scheduled, the 2018 Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race took place on June 18, when the racers competed in the preliminaries and finals amidst heart-stirring rhythm of drums and gongs.

A total of 66 teams, including 10 teams composed of 220 expatriates from over 20 countries, competed in the 12-men, 12-women and 22-people 300-meter straightaway races. Particularly, this year's event saw more teams joining in the 12-women and 22-people races. Eventually, the teams from Suzhou Institute of Building Research, Soochow University and SIP Institute of Services Outsourcing respectively garnered the first place in the races.[MORE]

Volunteer spirit fully demonstrated during the race
The volunteer services became a highlight of the dragon boat race. In various ways, the volunteers did their bit in ensuring the event went on in an orderly, safe and wonderful manner. [MORE]
New team showcases good sportsmanship at the event
Shengpu Sub-district Dragon Boat Team took part in the event as a new team. Despite the fact that they failed to win a medal, they showcased good sportsmanship in the competition. [MORE]
Diverse parallel activities enrich experiences at the event
The event incorporated performances of dragon lantern dance, pingtan (storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect) and Kunqu opera (one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera), which are all intangible cultural heritages, and shows of motorboats, seaplanes, small dragon boats and canoes and kayaks, which brought about a great visual feast for the audiences. [MORE]