Shopping carnival underway in SIP to celebrate Chinese New Year

The 2018 Jinji Lake Travel & Shopping Festival (JLTSF) sponsored by Jinji Lake Scenic Area kicked off in SIP on Feb 1 and will last till Mar 2.

The application of Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a highlight at the event. An off-line game called "Gold Coin Catchers" went on from Feb 2 to 4, allowing the players wearing a VR device to collect "gold coins" that could be exchanged for gifts and vouchers provided by six local stores and shopping malls.

The game was paired with an on-line one of similar kind, giving the WeChat users a chance to collect "gold coins" from Feb 1 to 13 to redeem gifts or vouchers....[MORE]

Art events during JLTSF

Couples and lovers are having the chance to experience"harmonious heartbeats" through a romantic heart-shaped installation at Yi'Oulai Outlets. The installation was designed by a renowned French new media artist for the installation art exhibitions scheduled at Shanghai and Suzhou from Feb 3 to Mar 11. When the couples put their fingers on the sensor, the lamps will change colors with the rhythm of their heartbeats and the same color will appear when their hearts beat synchronously.

At the same time, a succession of wonderful art shows at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre add to the artistic atmosphere during the JLTSF. The most outstanding Chinese and foreign young singers who attended the 2017 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival last July gave a concert at its Jinji Lake Concert Hall on Feb 4, and a recitation...[MORE]

Theme events during JLTSF

The JLTSF includes a variety of theme events to celebrate the Chinese New Year in both traditional and modern ways.

There were a series of events at old Xietang Street, presenting Spring Festival couplets and desk calendars to the participants and offering free lectures on sinology to children. Additionally, a flower exhibition was held at Huahaifang Street.

Harmony Times Square, Harmony Constellation Building and Jiuguang Department Store among other modern commercial complexes have seen diverse modern activities, such as artistic product displays and New Year party for young singles.[MORE]

Elaborately designed events to help people enjoy a happy Spring Festival

The elaborately designed events during the JLTSF have received positive response from the tourists and locals.

For example, the Spring Festival fair at Shin Kong Place enabled the citizens to add more high-quality and inexpensive items to their stock for the Chinese New Year, while the installation art exhibition, lion dance show and traditional handicraft demonstrations greatly enriched people's Spring Festival holiday.

Suzhou Eslite Bookstore has organized a string of activities such as "Happy Steiff Zoo" toy exhibition, games, lion dance and ceremony to worship the “god of wealth” in traditional Chinese myths, attracting many people. It also held a jazz concert on Feb 10 to greet Valentine's Day.[MORE]