Fashion sports carnival underway in YLPTR

A variety of events themed "Spring Outing in YLPTR", one of YLPTR's seasonal tourism brands initiated in 2014, are underway.

One of the main events is the 3rd YLPTR International Fashion Festival, which kicked off as scheduled along with the 1st YLPTR Kite Culture & Art Festival, a new member of this year's sprint events.

As revealed by the organizer, events such as orienteering, three-on-three basketball games, yoga competition, cycling race and children's scooter race will follow and bring a feast of fashion sports.[MORE]

Kite festival kicks off at YLPTR

The 1st YLPTR Kite Culture & Art Festival kicked off at Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) on Mar 10 and will last till May.

The event attracted more than 1,000 citizens and tourists, and a kite making and flying expert flew a 2,018m-long dragon-shaped kite as a token of good wishes for SIP.

In addition, another 24 dragon-shaped kites, 24m long each, were flown to mark the 24th anniversary of SIP, and a great number of kites of different shapes and colors surfed under the intense blue sky at the same time.[MORE]

Model vehicles competition held in YLPTR

The 2018 Suzhou Spring Model Vehicles Competition kicked off at Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) on Mar 3. A host of modeling enthusiasts from Suzhou and its surroundings participated with their remote control vehicles such as?fixed-wing aircrafts, gliders, boats and off-road vehicles.

The contestants showcased excellent skills and rich experience in operating the vehicles. P3M stunt flying and P3Z one-on-one air contests, which will be included in the Jiangsu Sports Games late this year, became eye-catchers.[MORE]

Matchmaking event held in YLPTR

A matchmaking event took place at Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) on Mar 17, offering a chance for about 30 young singles from 11 local enterprises to make new friends.

The event included a variety of fun games and a DIY activity, where the participants made acquaintances with each other in working together to fulfill the designated tasks.

Apart from that, they took pictures and voted for the most beautiful smile, most popular picture and most creative snapshot, and the winners received delicate gifts.[MORE]