437 SIP talents receive awards

The 8th SIP Jinji Lake Talents Awarding Ceremony took place in Modern Building, SIP, on Dec 27, 2017. A total of 437 people received the honor of "Jinji Lake Talents".

The awarding program was inaugurated in 2010 for the purpose of commending people who have made outstanding contributions to SIP’s development and encouraging more talents to settle down and develop in the area. A total of 2,640 people have received the award since its inception.

This year's award-winning talents come from a wide range of fields. Among them are new entrepreneurs, leading researchers, university teachers, high-end service providers and highly skilled workers.[MORE]

Cheng Gongbi:
SIP is a big family for startups

Cheng Gongbi received the honor of "High-Level Leading Talent" as an outstanding founder and leader of Gaiya?Environmental Protection Sci-tech Co Ltd, a supplier of comprehensive environmental services.

Cheng returned from the United States in 2012 and founded the company in SIP. [MORE]

Gao Shixing:
Let our voice be heard all over the world

Gao Shixing, CEO of Suzhou AI-Speech Information Sci-tech Co Ltd, won the honor of "Leading Talent in Sci-tech Development".

"Thanks to SIP's favorable living and working conditions and talent incentives, AI-Speech has pooled 150 high-tech talents, who have made great contributions to helping the company secure continuous[MORE]

Zhu Huixin:
Make symphony a brand of the city

Zhu Huixin, former executive associate conductor at Metropolitan Opera, New York and deputy head of Suzhou Symphony Orchestra (SZSO), was honored a "Leading Talent in High-end Services" for her continuous endeavor to foster the growth of the orchestra and make it a cultural brand of Suzhou city.[MORE]

Wang Hefei:
I will continue doing my bit in education

Wang Hefei, an overseas returnee and a faculty member at International College at Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China, received the honor of “Leading Talent in Research and Education” for her contributions to the local education development.

"SIP provides excellent working and living conditions which are nearly the same with and even better than its counterparts overseas. Therefore, it is time for us to provide better education to the students who are thirsty for knowledge through innovative teaching modes and philosophies. I believe it is the responsibility of all of us, and I will continue doing my bit in it," Wang said. [MORE]

Liu Peng:
Pursue excellence with the "spirit of craftsmen"

Liu Peng, a researcher at a bio-tech company, was honored a "Leading Highly Skilled Talent" for his long-term devotion to carrying forward the "spirit of craftsmen", specifically including determination, patience and perseverance to achieve perfection.

Liu worked for Cyrus Tang Hematology Center at Soochow University (SU) for two years after he graduated from College of Life Sciences at SU in 2008. Then he joined the bio-tech company and started his research into new drugs, especially focusing on low-cost and high-effect protein drugs and related technologies.

As a research team leader and the first prize winner in biochemical pharmaceutical engineering at the 8th SIP Highly Skilled Talents' Competition, Liu believes that highly skilled talents play an important role in a country's core competitiveness and that the leading talents shoulder the responsibility to enhance this role.

"We should grow up together with our colleagues and our peers to drive a fast industrial development with our ever-improving expertise," he said. [MORE]