A date with YLPTR in winter
As a national tourist resort located in northern SIP, YLPTR boasts abundant natural and cultural resources as well as a great variety of elaborately designed tourist products and services. Despite the low temperature in winter, it is still able to offer a host of opportunities for tourists to enjoy a fantastic holiday.

Over the past few years, YLPTR has been endeavoring to seek a characteristic development, especially by incorporating health concepts into tourism. For this purpose, it has hosted a series of regular events like the Chinese Cycling League, China Model Airplanes Competition and China Orienteering to Tourism Cities as well as a lot of tailored events for different groups, trying to increase people's interests in physical exercises and arouse their awareness of health maintenance.

The winter events are part of YLPTR's efforts for the same purpose. According to an official of YLPTR, children's scooter race, orienteering events and New Year celebrations among other activities can be expected.MORE
Have a wonderful Spa bath in YLPTR this winter
The Ziyichuan Resort & Spa Hotel, a Japanese-style hotel that got popular on line, has begun its busiest season of the year. It plans to provide a variety of services based on its hot spring resources in the following months to help its customers enjoy a good time in their vacations. MORE
Unique New Year celebrations at YLPTR
Chongyuan Temple, a Buddhist temple in the area, always sees a flood of people who come to pray for good fortune around the Chinese New Year, which, reckoned on the first day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, will fall on Feb 16, 2018. It will be no exception this year. MORE
YLPTR component honored by Suzhou government
The name of Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) Health Service Town recently appeared on the List of First Characteristic Towns in Suzhou released by Suzhou municipal government, marking that both the town and the projects located in it will enjoy a series of policy privileges granted by the government to towns and projects of the kind. MORE