The 7th Jiangsu Book Fair themed "Starting a Wonderful Life with Reading" concluded at Suzhou International Expo Centre on July 16. During the four-day event, more than 100,000 books were displayed and over 200 activities held. Based on the previous six sessions, this year’s book fair featured a highlighted role as a platform for guiding reading, promoting communication among peers, sharing opinions and making explorations for further development.
The 7th Jiangsu Book Fair attracts over 150,000 visitors
The 7th Jiangsu Book Fair was held in Suzhou from July 13 to 16. In the 17,000-sqm main exhibition area consisting of dozens of theme pavilions, more than 100,000 books from over 500 publishers and distributors were displayed and over 200 activities held. About 100 famous Chinese scholars and writers shared their ideas and opinions with readers during the event. [More]
New Chinese illustrators to compete in GIA 2017
The results of the qualification trials for the Global Illustration Award (GIA) 2017 were released at the Suzhou Books Pavilion on July 15, and 20 new Chinese illustrators entered the GIA finals after fierce competition. [More]
Family reading competition held
The "Phoenix Xinhua Cup" Family Reading Competition kicked off on July 16, in an effort to encourage the parents to read books together with their children. [More]
Liang Heng talks about reading
At the "Chinese Reading" Workshop held on July 15, Liang Heng, a famous Chinese scholar and writer, gave a talk on how reading changes life. Liang underlined two points, "First, we read for a strong mind. Second, reading is not just an individual ... [More]
Top 50 Jiangsu Books in 2016 and Most Beautiful Jiangsu Bookstores in 2017 declared
A performance themed "Jiangsu Books & Suzhou Night" was staged at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre on July 12. During the event, the "Top 50 Jiangsu Books in 2016" and the "Most Beautiful Jiangsu Bookstores in 2017" were revealed. [More]
Buy books at Smart Bookstore
There was a Smart Bookstore for self-service book buying at the fair. A visitor who wants to buy a book can point the book's bar code to the scanner of the terminal. The system will automatically put the book into the "shopping cart". Then the vis... [More]
New reading experiences incorporating VR/AR technologies
During the event, the visitors experienced the VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies at Suzhou Daily's booth themed "Media Convergence" in the Suzhou Books Pavilion. With a pair of VR glasses, the visitors could view the pan... [More]
Family Reading Pavilion: to stimulate children's interest in reading
Children and teenagers were treated to 18,000 books and over 100 reading activities during the fair. Many famous Chinese authors of children’s books, including Cao Wenxuan, Huang Beijia, Qi Zhi, Wang Yimei and Shen Shixi, were present at the read... [More]
Suzhou Books Pavilion: a lifestyle with books
The Suzhou Books Pavilion was one of the most attractive at the 7th Jiangsu Book Fair. A variety of excellent local publications were displayed, reflecting that books have been part of Suzhou people's life since ancient times. [More]