Children in SIP have been treated to a variety of interesting learning and experience programs offered and organized by local schools and communities since the beginning of the summer break in early July. Through the activities, the children will have opportunities to improve their practical abilities and learn to be innovative while enjoying a happy and meaningful summer vacation.
Children treated to various summer vacation programs
Singapore International School (SIS) offered a series of English courses on language, art, drama, sports, science, design and research, with native speakers teaching non-SIS students various knowledge and skills. [MORE]
Summer camp to promulgate law
The Legal Education Camp, jointly hosted by SIP Court, Hudong Community and USTB (University of Science and Technology Beijing) Suzhou School, started recently, aimed at raising the children's awareness of precautions against school bullying and enhancing their knowledge on laws. [MORE]
Children attend science dissemination camp
Recently, Meisong Community Neighborhood Committee organized a five-day summer camp. Students from Medical College of Soochow University were invited to lead the children to go through a variety of knowledge and science dissemination activities. [MORE]
Nursery rhyme concert held in DLSEIZ
A nursery rhyme concert was held at Dushu Lake Neighborhood Center on July 8, starting the summer camp sponsored by Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation Zone (DLSEIZ) Federation of Trade Unions and organized by Dushu Lake Resident Liaison Center. [MORE]
Little volunteers'summer camp kicks off
The Little Volunteers'Summer Camp jointly organized by SIP Department of Publicity and SIP Volunteers Association kicked off at SIP Volunteers' Home on July 12 and will last till July 15. Consisting of three theoretical sessions and one practical session, it has attracted about 100 teenagers. [MORE]
"Eyas" Summer Camp held
The "Eyas" Summer Camp, sponsored by SIP Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and organized by National University of Singapore Suzhou Research Institute and Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation Zone Community Service Management Center, was held on July 18, attracting more than 20 children from families of overseas returnees who now work... [MORE]
Children from exceptional families attend English-speaking summer camp
Many children from exceptional families (families with single, remarried, handicapped and lost parent, and poverty-stricken families among other families with exceptional conditions) recently had the luck to attend the English-speaking summer camp organized by Mother Tang Charity Center. [MORE]
3rd SIP Environmental Protection Summer Camp starts
The 3rd SIP Environmental Protection Summer Camp, sponsored by SIP Land Resources and Environmental Protection Bureau and organized by SIP Ailian-Tongzhou Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, started on July 15 in an effort to raise public awareness of environmental protection and motivation for a low-carbon life. More than 140 child... [MORE]
Hexin Summer Camp starts
The 7th Hexin Summer Camp started at SIP Xingzhou School on July 16, attracting 330 children from communities east to the Jinji Lake. During the following week, students from University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) and Soochow University led the children to participate in a variety of activities, including a one-day orchard visit, mo... [MORE]