The InnovFest Suzhou 2017 opened at SIP's NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute on June 6, attracting more than 100 Chinese and foreign high-tech innovation enterprises, business startup management organizations and academic institutions. In the following two days, over 80 keynote speeches were given and more than 60 meetings for potential cooperation were held.
InnovFest Suzhou 2017 held to promote cross-border cooperation in innovation and business startup
Jointly sponsored by NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute and Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Center, the InnovFest Suzhou 2017 attracted not only over 10 renowned domestic and overseas universities, including Peking University, Nanyang Technological Univers... [MORE]
Block71 to construct sustainable business startup ecosystem in SIP
NUS Enterprise, NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute and Ascendas-Singbridge Group signed a cooperation agreement on June 6. According to the agreement, the three parties will take full advantage of their strengths and resources to jointly construct the Block71 ... [MORE]
de.Light bulb kills Wi-Fi blind spots
Wi-Fi has become one of the necessities for every family. However, walls or other barriers may cause Wi-Fi blind spots. The de.Light bulb developed by Xin Yu Connect Pte Ltd (XY Connect), a Singaporean company, was exhibited at the InnovFest Suzhou 2017 as ... [MORE]
Swimming in the sea of knowledge in the "4D Bookstore"
The "4D Bookstore" APP developed by Dreamers Software Technology Co Ltd, a SIP-based Chinese company famous for independent research and development of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, attracted great attention at the InnovFest ... [MORE]
Smart capsule assists in medical examination
BioMers Pte Ltd, located at Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Center, is developing a kind of smart capsule that can enter into the digestive tract of human body to make real-time medical examination and transmit radio frequency signals to a terminal to g... [MORE]
Make profound scientific research and lead industrial innovation
The National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI), established in 2010, is the first research institute set up and operated independently by an overseas world-class university in China. Over the past seven years, it has made great contributions to the enhanced cooperation between China and Singapore in science and technology development as well as the concentration of international science and technology resources in Suzhou, providing great support for local industrial upgrading. [MORE]
Cultivate talents for various industries
Relying on NUS'educational resources and scientific research achievements, NUSRI established the International Education Center (IEC), aimed at providing a knowledge and experience sharing platform for global experts and scholars. IEC has launched a variety of programs to offer opportunities for Chinese university students to work as interns in Singapore during summer vacation, organize overseas students to visit China, cultivate master and doctoral students as well as host administration trainings and international seminars and symposiums. [MORE]
Promote cooperation and improve innovation ability
NUSRI and SIP jointly established the Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Center in October 2014. The center is designated to bringing in mature Singaporean experience in science and technology services as well as international science and technology transformation systems to create an environment suitable for industrialization of international science and technology achievements in SIP. It also aims to promote the exchange between China and Singapore in science and technology development, innovation and business startup. [MORE]