Introduction: When the seeds of reading take root in a city, they will sprout and grow to bloom. Then, scholarly atmosphere will permeate the city to make it more decent and attractive. On April 23, the World Book Day, the annual SIP Reading Season themed “The Scholarly SIP with Unique Insight from Reading” resumes at SIP.  
7th SIP Happy Reading Season opens
The 7th SIP Happy Reading Season opened on April 23, and it will last till September. [MORE]
Annual SIP Reading Season to buoy reading culture
The annual SIP Reading Season themed "The Scholarly SIP with Unique Insight from Reading" was launched during the World Book Day on Mar 23 with a variety of themed activities subsequently held in schools, communities and enterprises. [MORE]
Exchange and donate books to spread love
Qiu Zhen, deputy curator of Suzhou Dushu Lake Library, came to Hanlin Primary School on Mar 22 and presided over the "Nesting Program" book donation and exchange activity. [MORE]
Learning community hosts reading festival
In April, the 2017 Reading Festival kicked off at Hanlinyuan Community, attracting residents of various ages, creating a community-wide learning atmosphere. To enhance the residents' learning experience, the community has subsequently organized classes by age, for instance, the Little Lotus, Green Pine and Orchid classes, aiming at highlighting the cultural charm of the community. [MORE]
Jingcheng Branch of Suzhou Dushu Lake Library opens
The family-reading-themed Jingcheng Branch of Suzhou Dushu Lake Library was put into use on March 3. [MORE]
Zuowang Bookstore, located at the phase-V of Xietang Old Street, is a bookstore that adopts "membership system" business mode. After paying membership fee, the members can read and borrow all books in the bookstore for free, including classics, books on economy, psychology, etc., and the bookstore also purchases new books and even has them delivered to the members. [MORE]
Albert's Bookstore, near No. 2 exit of Culture & Expo Center subway station, created a 300 sqm reading space for children. It is divided into reading area, training area, and coffee area. If lucky, readers can come across the brainstorming on reading in the coffee area. [MORE]