The 2017 CLC-SIPAC Joint Symposium on Suzhou Industrial Park themed “Visionary Partnership, Knowledge Innovation” was held on May 19. It focused on two topics: “Solid Foundation: Consideration for Both China and Singapore, Management Framework, and Planning and Implementation”; “Maintain a Leading Position in Competition: Great Efforts in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to Build a Modern City with International Competitiveness in 21st Century”. Approximately 100 guests from China and Singapore participated in the discussion exploring the innovation of SIP in the future.
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Chan Soo Sen: I have been getting lost in every visit to the fast-changing SIP

Chan Soo Sen is among the forerunners who proactively contributed to SIP's earliest development that laid down the foundation for the high-speed development of the extraordinary project today.

Recalling what happened over 20 years ago, the initial stage of SIP, he smiled and said, "We broke some rules when initiating the project. However, they were benign fouls aimed at realizing the transformation from 'Newton's First Law' to 'Newton's Second Law', namely, from 'inertia' to 'motion'."

Chan Soo Sen visits Suzhou every two or three years. "I get lost in every visit to the fast-changing SIP, a result of accelerated development," he said.