In warm spring at Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort, chirping birds, blooming flowers and tender grass make tourists feel relaxed and happy. What a lovely spring scene it is!
  In addition, the opening of Octave Sangha and the 2nd Yangchenghu Peninsula Int’l Fashion Festival present diversified activities to enrich tourists’ holiday.
Cycling in sea of flowers on Yangchenghu Peninsula
In April, when spring is very much in the air, Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort is one of the best choices among Suzhou dwellers for enjoying spring outing. [MORE]
2017 "Icon & Model Search" held
Suzhou-leg mass-election of 2017 "Icon & Model Search", sponsored by Huayi Brothers Fashion and undertaken by H. Brothers Film Studios & Resorts, started on April 8. Nearly 100 actors, models and online celebrities, clad in Tang Dynasty (618-907) costumes, competed for the qualifications for the ... [MORE]
The 2nd Yangchenghu Peninsula Int'l Fashion Festival & Audrey Hepburn Photo Exhibition unveiled
The 2nd Yangchenghu Peninsula International Fashion Festival and Audrey Hepburn Photo Exhibition were launched at Yi Ou Lai Suzhou Village on April 1. [MORE]
Enjoying road race on Yangchenghu Peninsula
The photo taken on April 3 shows that 1,500 people are running in the second leg of Road Race League Suzhou, with 15 kilometers in length, on Yangchenghu Peninsula in SIP. [MORE]
Octave Sangha opens
Octave Sangha, developed by Singapore-headquartered IMC Group on Yangchenghu Peninsula Tourist Resort (YPTR), opened on March 30. [MORE]
The best places to appreciate sunset at the Yangchenghu Peninsula
The sunset at the Yangchenghu Peninsula is amazing, which dyes the sky and the lake gorgeously romantic red. [MORE]