Tang Chongyan:
I feel happy in offering charity service
Tang Chongyan (Annie Tang), a returned overseas Chinese and the founder of Tang Mama Charity Center in SIP, was recently awarded "the most kindhearted person of Jiangsu Province" and "advanced model of Suzhou".
To Annie, charity service is the nourishment for the mind. In the past 17 years, from the UK back to China, Annie has been dedicated to donating money to subsidize needy students, alleviating poverty and helping those in need in provinces of Jiangsu, Shanxi, Guizhou, Qinghan and Shandong. She starts from small things, innovates forms and makes use of WeChat to encourage more people to do their bit in charity service.
During these years, she has donated 700,000 yuan ($101,449) and subsidized nearly 400 people in need, and inspired by her spirit of dedication, over 6,000 people have taken part in charity services and raised 3.45 million yuan ($500,000) for the needy.[more]