SIP has taken the lead to issue a "Three-year action plan for development of artificial intelligence industry" in the country, with the goal of building SIP into an AI-concerned innovation cradle, demonstration place and industrial cluster well known at home and abroad. SIP takes the advantage of the opportunity to establish state-level AI innovation center and public service platform for AI industry, with the aim of building itself into an AI industrial cluster well known at home and abroad.
Three-year action plan issued for better AI industrial development
CPC SIP Working Committee and SIP Administrative Committee recently issued "Action plan for development of artificial intelligence industry in SIP" to facilitate development of big-data-and-cloud-computing-based artificial intelligence (AI) industry and promote the application of AI to intelligent manufacturing, hardware and software terminals and service industry. [more]
HYC Electronic Technology minimizes test errors
Suzhou HYC Electronic Technology Co Ltd was relocated in SIP Dongfang Industrial Park in 2013. It started, in 2016, the construction of its 55,177-sqm headquarters building which will accommodate the R&D and production of LCD signal test system, including testing, equipment, product, intelligence and communication. [more]
Microsoft Suzhou to build a new AI Silicon Valley in SIP
Microsoft Suzhou in SIP is Microsoft's new innovation base. Founded in 2013, its R&D covers a multiple areas, including AI, machine learning, neural network, natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition, natural human-machine interaction, cloud computing and big data. It also involves in the development and operation of such core products as office365, SharePoint, Bing and intelligent hardwares.[more]
AISpeech: pioneer of artificial intelligence
AISpeech was founded at Cambridge University in 2007 and settled in SIP in 2008. It is the only company that possesses human-computer dialogue technology in China and one of few companies in the world that owns Chinese-English integrated voice technology with independent intellectual property rights. It provides the solution of natural language interaction to intelligent vehicles, smart home system and intelligent robots and ensures user experiences and requests at terminals.[more]