SEID held Joyous Celebration of the New Year
The Joyous Celebration of the New Year, a recreational game organized by the Community Service Management Center of Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District (SEID), took place at Wenxing Stadium of the district on Jan 14. Over 150 people in 8 teams from communities, enterprises, institutions and Xietang sub...[more]
A love act: 90-year-old painter's family reunion dinner
Around 120 security guards and elderly empty nesters, parents whose grown-up children work and live in other Chinese cities or abroad, in SIP Dushi Garden community gathered and enjoyed the warm family reunion dinner on Jan 12. Residents in Dushi Garden all know that this "family reunion dinner" was entertained by Zhang Jixin...[more]
Temple Fair in "Modern Suzhou"
The making of sugar painting, reed leaf weaving, paper cutting, dough modeling, tiger-head shoe and so on were common scenes in Suzhou in the past, but these handicrafts are rarely found now. [more]


SIP IALA Community organized an event of cutting paper window decorations to greet the New Year on Jan 8. A few friends from the USA and Canada gathered joyously with the residents and cut paper window decorations, feeling the profound atmosphere of the festival.
Mike from the US said that he had learned to make rice dumplings and moon cakes in the community and this time, cutting paper window decorations added to his experience and understanding of traditional Chinese culture.
Staff in SIP Zhongtang Community and teachers and students from Yi Bao Zhai, decorated as roosters, wrote Spring Festival couplets and the Chinese character "Fu" (meaning happiness) for the community residents.
Mark and his family from the UK also joined the activity. They tried to write couplets happily, experiencing the joys of Chinese New Year celebration.