Run in the most beautiful times
On a cool summer morning, go running amid bird chirps and flower fragrance, or take a relaxing stroll by the rippling lake on a warm winter afternoon...By Dushu Lake in SIP, there is a "Jiangsu Province's most beautiful running route".

There are a total of 10 running routes including three beautiful main routes by the lake that measure 10km, 5km and 3km respectively to satisfy different demands.
Beautiful scenery improves running experience
The Suzhou Stop of Xtep Happy 10K 2016 took place by Dushu Lake in June, 2016. Over 5,000 professional and amateur runners from 18 regions participated in the event.

Yan Wei, champion of the men's professional division, was most impressed by the running track. "There鈥檚 a large expanse of lake by the track, and occasionally breezes came over across the lake, so I didn't feel stuffy. The environment, facilities and services are all very good."

He is absolutely right. The lakefront 10km route, the featured route of Dushu Lake Road Running Base, starts from Moon Bay Square, runs southwards through Suzhou Water Tennis Center, sailing base, Dushu Lake Park, turns round at Jingying Apartment and then runs northwards through Dushu Lake Church, Bailu Park, Dushu Lake Library to the destination. The beautiful scenery along the route makes running extremely enjoyable.
Interesting activities make
running fun
Dushu Lake Sports Center, the base's operator, has introduced various major road running events, including Happy 10K, Li Ning 10km Road Run League, Suzhou Road Run League, etc., and worked out customized road running programs such as mini marathon, round-the-lake trailwalk, 5km hiking, etc., for various enterprises in SIP.

In order to create a road running atmosphere, the base has also planned to build a running team of its own. Extending its reach to neighboring areas with Dushu Lake as the center, the base will give regular running lectures and construct a "running date" platform via WeChat or billboard in the future.
Communication platform to add color to life
As a professional running base, Dushu Lake Road Running Base also lays stress on the availability of supporting facilities. Subway, hotel, cafe, convenience store, toilet, stone stool and so on can be found along the routes.

Taking into consideration the complete layout of sidewalks and slow lanes in Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District, and the fact that the roads in the school area and industry park area radiate in all directions, the running routes have been designed to run clockwise so that runners can turn right at intersections instead of crossing them.