Officially inaugurated on Dec 30, 2016, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra (SZSO) put on the inauguration show on the same day. The following evening, the founding concert of SZSO "The Golden Rooster Crows in the Day and Music Resounds around Suzhou" was unveiled at Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre Grand Theatre. Accompanied by elegant music, the audience coming from all over the country ushered in the New Year's Day of 2017.
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra unveils its concert today
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra made its debut at Suzhou Culture and Arts Center on December 30th. Conducted by music director Chen Xieyang, the Orchestra played six classical songs, including Red Flag Overture,Ji...[more]
Anne-Sophie Mutter: The Genetics of the Orchestra is Positive
Anne-Sophie Mutter, dubbed as the greatest violin talent since Yehudi Menuhin, was invited to play Carmen Fantasy and Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28 with the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra at the Suzhou...[more]
Elites Bring High-end Classical Music to the Residents in Suzhou
“The Orchestra is full of skilled and spirited players from across the world,” said Chen Guangxian, general manager of Suzhou Symphony Orchestra. [more]
Composing the Present, Orchestrating the Future
Suzhou Symphony Orchestra is set up with the mission of encouraging the combination between traditional Suzhou culture and Western symphonic art, introduced by Chen Guangxian, the general manager of Suzhou S...[more]