SIP honors 431 JLDHTP talents
SIP held a meeting to honor the 431 talents selected into the 7th Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Plan on...
Scientific and Technical Leading Talent Yang Dajun: industry aggregation facilitates enterprise development
Honored by the 7th JLDHTP as Scientific and Technical Leading Talent, Yang Dajun pursued his doctor's degree in cancer genetics at Michigan State University, and has got 20-plus years’ experience in cancer research and drug development. His projects won the support of Ministry of Science and Technology's International S&T Cooperation Program of China, Major New Drug Creation Program, 863 Progr...
Science and Education Leading Talent Yang Yili: climb to new heights in the SIP base camp
"Innovation can be seen everywhere in SIP, and researchers can concentrate on their research work," Yang Yili, who worked in the USA for 20 years, commented on SIP this way. He was honored as Science and Education Leading Talent at the 7th JLDHTP meeting.
High-end Service Industry Leading Talent Wang Lanfeng: financing irrigates industrial upgrading with flowing water
According to Wang Lanfeng, chairman of Bank of Suzhou, Suzhou's financing industry has deeply implemented reform policies and kept increasing the adhesiveness between financing service and real economy in recent years, which has provided high quality financial guarantee for the sustainable development of local economy.
High Skill Leading Talent Han Yongjiang: stay rooted in the frontline to carry on with "craftsmanship"
Han Yongjiang, senior technician from Kubota Agricultural Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was honored for his excellent skills and outstanding performance in various skill competitions as High Skill Leading Talent along with other 201 talents at the 7th JLDHTP meeting.