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Qian Yuqing’s calligraphy works to be displayed at Ming Gallery of Art

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An exhibition of over 80 calligraphy and painting works by Chinese calligrapher Qian Yuqing is going to kick off at Ming Gallery of Art, SIP’s Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block, on May 30, and will last till June 21.
Qian, a Suzhou native, is a member of China Calligraphers Association and chairman of SIP Calligraphers Association, and also a calligraphy educator and the recipient of a long list of Chinese art awards. His works are in the collections of many renowned art galleries and organizations home and abroad. 
The exhibits, including calligraphy works written in five traditional Chinese script styles and Chinese ink paintings, showcase Qian’s attainments in the art of traditional Chinese handwriting and painting.
It is reported that the calligrapher will show up at Ming Gallery of Art on the opening day and give a talk on methods for calligraphy learning.

May 20, 2020