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Ding Lixin surveys work for water management

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SIP Administrative Committee director Ding Lixin and his contingent visited Muchengang Water Management Center and Fenghuangjing Ship Lock in SIP on May 20 for a survey on the implementation of SIP’s three-level “river chief” water management mechanism and measures adopted there for flood prevention. 
In the tour, the officials gained a better understanding of the major projects for management of the water environment at Jinji Lake and the surrounding waters, and observed the working process of an automatic system for water management. In the process, Ding offered instructions on future work related to water pollution prevention and control, water quality management and flood prevention. He emphasized that SIP should continuously push on the implementation of the “river chief” mechanism to protect local water bodies. 
It is learnt that SIP has designated hundreds of “river chiefs” at three levels to conduct inspections over local watercourses on a regular basis and provide coordination for rectifications in case of any problems discovered. The “river chiefs” have played an important role in protecting the local water system. 

May 20, 2020