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SIP-FMSB holds work conference on financial support for MSMEs

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SIP Financial Management and Service Bureau (SIP-FMSB) held a work conference on May 19 to make deployment for financial support for SIP-based micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). SIP-FMSB director Zhu Xiaoyan presided over the conference, and officials from related authorities and executives of the SIP branches of 16 banks were present. 
At the event, SIP-FMSB’s representatives gave the attendees an introduction to Suzhou government’s new guidance on financial support for micro- and small-sized businesses, and exchanged opinions with the banks’ representatives revolving on a series of policies that SIP authorities are planning to adopt to enhance financial support for MSMEs. 
The representatives of several banks introduced their products and plans aimed at supporting businesses, while the representative of SIP Enterprise Development Service Center gave the attendees a specific introduction to SIP e-Financing, an online comprehensive financial service platform, and a list of events scheduled this year to match enterprises’ demands for financial products and services with banks’ offerings.
After that, Zhu specified the tasks for future work related to financial support for MSMEs, covering publicity efforts, implementation of related policies and measures and collaboration between related authorities and financial institutions.

May 20, 2020