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Community workers and residents show care and love for each other amid COVID-19 outbreak

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The community workers and residents in different communities in SIP’s Hudong sub-district have been showing their care and love for each other throughout the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Below are several examples.
The community workers and volunteers in Rongyu Community on Mar 20 gave free masks to the local empty-nesters (seniors whose children live and work in other places) and explained to them in detail the tips they need to follow in order to avoid infection of the coronavirus. 
The community workers in Hupan Tiancheng Community not only gave the local empty-nesters free masks, but also offered them help in getting traffic permits for their travel during the COVID-19 outbreak.
The community workers’ considerate services during the epidemic have won them the appreciation from the local residents and enterprises. A company in Jingcheng Community on Mar 19 donated vegetables to the staff at the community office.

March 23, 2020