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SBT active online to give emotional support in the fight against COVID-19

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Suzhou Ballet Theatre (SBT) recently released an about-2-minute trailer of a video it has made in the hope of giving global people emotional support in the fight against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. 
The video, named “Light”, is about 10 minutes long. It portrays people’s reactions to the disease and expectations for victory over it in an artistic way.
“We hope the light of hope will shine in every corner of the world and give the people who are struggling against the disease strength to defeat it,” said Liao Ning, head of SBT’s performer team and director of the video.
It is revealed that the video will be released soon at SBT’s WeChat account and a list of popular online platforms.
In fact, SBT is doing more than that in supporting the fight against COVID-19. It is posting online concerts, performances and art lectures to help enrich people’s cultural and spiritual life amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Besides, four of its performers made videos earlier to teach the viewers to turn daily use articles and vegetables into musical props. 

March 23, 2020