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5G plus thermal imaging temperature measurement to help fight against NCP

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Visitors to SIP’s International Building and Jingcheng Neighborhood Center now have to go through the scan by a 5G-based thermal imaging temperature measurement device that can take at least 300 people’s temperature in one minute with an error not exceeding 0.3℃. The SIP branch of China Unicom, one of the country’s largest telecommunications operators, is providing 5G services for the device, hoping it can help contain the spread of the present raging novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP).

The device incorporates non-contact sensor, thermal imaging temperature measurement and smart analyzing technologies to rapidly detect people who have a fever and give alarms. Related data can be immediately transmitted to monitoring centers through 5G-network. It is a good solution for railway and subway stations, hospitals, schools, factories, office buildings and other places with large people flow.
    It is learnt that devices of the kind are being installed at over 40 places across SIP.

February 12, 2020