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A Letter of Appeal

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To enterprises in SIP:
The entire SIP has joined efforts to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), an epidemic that has hit many areas across the country since the beginning of this year. At this critical moment of containing the virus, many enterprise employees have resumed work to fulfill their responsibilities for both their enterprises and the country’s social and economic development. Considering that many dual-income families may face challenges in taking care of their children following the postponement of the start of the spring semester by local schools due to the epidemic, we hereby call on the employers to give the families a helping hand based on actual operation conditions.
We therefore suggest that enterprises can employ flexible working hours and adopt special work shift schedules so that employees can spend more time with their children. The employers can also allow employees to work from home or allow them to take their annual paid leave or other types of leave that the employers can offer at discretion as welfare for the employees.
We believe that the employers’ considerate decisions will help the dual-income families solve their problems as well as warm their hearts. Meanwhile, SIP Federation of Trade Unions and SIP Trade Union for Educators will provide related enterprises with subsidies. Let’s work together to show our love and concern for the employees and get through this hard time!
SIP Federation of Trade Unions
SIP Trade Union for Educators

February 11, 2020