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35 enterprises in Nanopolis Suzhou resume operations on the same day

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Despite of the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, 35 enterprises in Nanopolis Suzhou, a nanotech cluster in SIP, formally resumed operations on Feb 10. It is learnt that a total of 42 enterprises in the area are now in operation with strict epidemic prevention and control measures.

To minimize the risks that may be caused by the contagious virus, four checkpoints have been set up across the area to check vehicles, and 16 in office buildings to check the temperature of people entering the buildings. Statistics recorded over 850 people and more than 400 vehicles checked on the day.
    Nanopolis Suzhou Co Ltd, operator of Nanopolis Suzhou, has put together a special leading group in charge of the epidemic prevention and control. The leading group is cooperating with competent authorities to help local enterprises resume operations and employ effective precautions to ensure safe production amid the epidemic.

February 11, 2020