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Fifth grader draws cartoon manual to help disseminate knowledge on COVID19

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Gu Yunzhi, a fifth grader at Xinghai Primary School in SIP, drew on Feb 10 a cartoon manual on the novel coronavirus which, known as 2019-nCoV before it was officially named by World Health Organization as COVID-19, has caused pneumonia in many people home and abroad.

    Gu lives in Huzuo’an Community in SIP’s Huxi sub-district, and has been serving under a program run by the sub-district office to offer local youngsters chances to take part in the governance of their communities. He hopes he can do his bit in fighting against the virus.

The manual vividly shows what COVID19 is and how to wear a mask, wash hands and take other protective measures at home and public places to prevent the virus. It has been shared online, and received high comments from other kids and their parents.

February 11, 2020