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Non-face-to-face services facilitate resumption of business operations

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As more and more enterprises in SIP are resuming their operations after a longer-than-usual Spring Festival holiday due to the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, SIP Administrative Examination and Approval Office recently launched a series of new services at SIP’s WeChat account named “One-stop Administrative Services” to give the enterprises a helping hand.

The new service module includes 266 business-related administrative services that can be handled online and by telephone and express, and provides guidance for enterprises to seek services with other administrative offices such as those in charge of housing fund and real estate management.
In addition, the service module offers the latest information about the epidemic, including data about confirmed cases and these people’s trip records and the local authorities’ countermeasures against the epidemic.
    Moreover, enterprises can make online report on their difficulties in operations, and the office will collaborate with related authorities to help figure out solutions.

February 10, 2020