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Outer volunteers join communities’ public-benefit events

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Several communities in SIP’s Hudong sub-district recently invited outer volunteers to join their public-benefit events in a bid to better serve the local residents.
In the event in Fangyue Community on Aug 16, a PE teacher and a foreign basketball coach from SIP Xinghui School gave a basketball lesson to a group of local youngsters. 
In the event in Haiyue Community on Aug 15, a foreign volunteer played games with the participating children to teach them garbage classification methods, and introduced to them associative memorizing techniques and asked them questions to help them quickly keep the methods in mind. 
Linglongwan Community hosted an event on Aug 16 when several professional masseurs were invited to give the participating residents a lecture on therapeutic massage. In the process, the masseurs taught the residents a set of massage techniques for healthcare, provided them with free massage and answered their inquiries. 

August 19, 2019