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Sub-district sees diverse summer vacation events

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Communities in SIP’s Loufeng Sub-district recently organized a diversity of events for local youngsters who are in their summer vacation.
In the event in Jingyuanbei Community, a group of youngsters served as volunteers to help clean and tidy the community library and repair the broken pages in some of the books. The event inspired the youngsters’ love for books.
Donggang Ercun Community carried out a campaign on Aug 12 when 11 little volunteers visited local families door-to-door together with several community workers to give each of the families a recycle bag containing a leaflet on garbage classification and explain to them the significance and methods of garbage classification. 
Su’annan Community offered a group of children a chance to have a tour around the local fire brigade where they gained a better understanding of laws and regulations on fire prevention and firefighting facilities and learnt survival and first aid skills.

August 16, 2019