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HIS Design brings forward new concepts on contemporary museums

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HIS Design, an SIP-headquartered company that dabbled in museum and exhibition venue design in 2007, has brought forward a series of new concepts that are altering the landscape of contemporary museum design.
The company, which has contributed to the development of lots of striking museums across the country, has been engaged in making museums interactive for visitors.
“Museums should not be a place to teach people something, but should be able to tell stories that can give the visitors pleasant experiences in learning about history and culture and inspire their emotional empathy at the same time,” said Li Jiangtao, vice president of the company.
On the other hand, the company has been trying to draw viewers close to the exhibits at museums by virtue of innovative spatial and scene designs. In addition, modern media tools such as AR systems and mobile apps have been employed to help viewers better understand the exhibits.
On top of that, the company endeavors to make museums kind of driver for cultural and tourism industries. In one move, it is taking part in the design of a list of theme museums and parks in SIP and other places across Suzhou for commercial purposes.
“We’d like to make museums good places for people to learn new knowledge, relax themselves, establish and tighten their social ties with others, and free their thoughts,” Li said.

August 16, 2019