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ISM strives to perfect the biomedicine chain in SIP

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Suzhou Institute of Systems Medicine (ISM), a research facility jointly erected by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Suzhou government and SIP authorities, has been endeavoring to string all the elements needed for a prosperous development of the biomedicine industry in SIP on a chain. 
ISM runs a list of research and education programs that are helping accelerate gathering of top-notch biomedicine professionals in SIP. The scientists working at ISM and the doctoral and graduate candidates studying there are expected to make great contributions to continuous development and advancement of biomedical technologies in the area.
Moreover, ISM organizes diverse networking events aimed at attracting global partners. In one example, thanks to its efforts, Sanofi, a French multinational pharmaceutical company, signed an agreement with SIP Administrative Committee last year to set up its fourth Global Research Center worldwide in SIP for discovery and development of drugs against neoplastic, immunological and metabolic diseases.
On the other hand, based on its high-throughput sequencing and high-performance computing system, immunity testing and analysis platform, experimental animal center and RNA technology platform, ISM is working alongside many local medical product makers and related business operators to lend them a hand in product development and marketing. 
“We are trying to tighten the ties between professionals, research institutes and businesses in the field,” ISM Director Cheng Genhong said, disclosing that they are working on establishing a translational medicine innovation alliance in SIP.

August 14, 2019