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Youngsters volunteer for urban management

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SIP Dongshahu Community Working Committee organized an event on Aug 13 when over 10 local youngsters served as volunteers in an urban management campaign. 
At the beginning of the event, an officer from the committee’s Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office expounded on a series of urban management laws and regulations to the youngsters. 
After that, the little volunteers patrolled a local business street, explaining to illegal roadside stall owners relevant laws and regulations and helping them remove their stalls from the street, curbing illegal parking and picking up litter across the street. 
Additionally, the volunteers bought bottles of water with their pocket money for sanitation workers on the street and expressed heartfelt thanks to them for their hard work in spite of the scorching heat. 
What the kids were doing moved the store owners on the street. “We should also do something to keep the street clean and tidy,” one of them said.
At the end of the event, all the participating youngsters received the “Certification for Dongshahu Urban Management Volunteers”. 

August 14, 2019