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Panasonic's Suzhou branch ushers in 15th anniversary with remarkable achievements

The completely unmanned outlet of Chinese hot pot chain Haidilao has stunned streams of customers since it opened in Beijing last month, while a series of automatic devices used in it have drawn great public attention to Panasonic Factory Solutions Suzhou (PFSS), Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic's tech arm that just celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding in SIP on Nov 2.

PFSS, started out at SIP's Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort in 2003 as a developer of SMT (surface mount technology) machines and peripheral equipment, is now a multi-business company with an eye-catching lineup of high-tech production and service devices such as the robot servants for Haidilao and a list of smart farming systems for growing pollution-free vegetables.

The company's fast development stems not only from its innovative strategies for business expansion, but also from its consistent efforts in helping its staff improve their professional proficiency, including adopting a strict engineer qualification system and sending some of the employees to attend training in Japan each year.

November 6, 2018

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