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Primary school principal unveils "secrets" of running an exemplary school

Wu Chenyun, principal of SIP No. 2 Experimental Primary School, a widely recognized exemplary school erected in SIP in 2014, unveiled their "secrets" of school management in her article published by Suzhou Daily on Oct 8.

In the article, the principal attributed their outcomes to four concepts they have been upholding.

The first one is to make development plans based on domestically and internationally advanced educational philosophies and then stick to them. This allows the school to consistently pursue a development featuring subtle incorporation of oriental and occidental characteristics.

The second is to insist on standardized school management, for example, setting strict codes of conduct for teachers and fostering a culture that can help the teachers maintain high enthusiasm for their jobs.

The third is to seek continuous improvement of teaching quality. For this purpose, the school has made great efforts in curriculum design, aiming to help the students gain all-around skills for their lifetime development.

The fourth is to enrich the students' experiences and broaden their horizons. That is why the school frequently organizes various events for its students to take part in different social practices, knowledge and skill learning programs and exchange events with their counterparts home and abroad.

Suzhou Daily
October 8, 2018

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