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Children gain different knowledge and skills in various events

Communities at Loufeng Sub-district recently organized a variety of events for the purpose of helping the local children gain different knowledge and skills.

Dushuhu Community offered a lecture on Chinese poetry on Aug 7. The teacher first guided the children to recite the ancient Chinese poems they like and expounded on the poems to enhance their understanding of the literature form. Then he taught them to create antithetical phrases that rhyme with each other.

Donggang Ercun Community organized a DIY event on the same day. With the volunteers' help and instructions, the children made super light clay figurines of octopus and coconut tree, and also tried to make works based on their imagination.

Wencuilu Community offered a calligraphy lecture on the day, when the volunteer teacher taught the children basic Chinese brush writing skills.

Donggang Jiale Community hosted an event on Aug 6, when over 20 children and their parents learnt to make beaded bracelets following the teacher's instruction and demonstration.

In another event in the community on Aug 4, a group of children and their parents listened to and told stories that enhanced their determination to embrace good morals like honesty, integrity and probity.


August 8, 2018

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