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Cultural events enrich residents' life

Communities at Dongshahu sub-district recently organized a diversity of events with the purpose of enriching the local residents' life.

At the event in Jinxi Community, the children acquired a better understanding of Chinese shadow puppetry that was included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in 2011. The volunteer teacher first gave the children a detailed account of the traditional form of theatre acted by colorful silhouette figures made from leather or paper. Then the children watched a classic episode of shadow puppetry and, following the teacher's demonstration, made and operated silhouette figures.

Qingnianhui Community hosted two events. In one of them, a number of children drew pictures based on good family traditions and doctrines with the volunteer teacher's help and instruction. The other event took place on Aug 6, when over 20 participants competed to eat watermelon to mark the Beginning of Autumn, which, the 13th of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms, fell on that day. A volunteer also expounded on the origin of the solar term to the participants and offered them tips on health maintenance around the day.

The event in Xingchennan Community attracted tens of children. With the volunteer teacher's help and demonstration, they made beautiful mosaic pictures by pasting colored paper scraps on paper into desired patterns like those of animals, cars and houses.

August 7, 2018

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