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SIP tech outcomes displayed at 10th VWIE

The 10th Venture Week for International Elites (VWIE) kicked off at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP on July 10 and will last till July 12, while 10 parallel events started in 10 counties and districts in Suzhou and three in North America, Japan and the Republic of Korea. SIP has set up a pavilion at the event, showcasing its business environment and outcomes in technology development.

Xiaobing, a Microsoft chatbot with compelling personality and sense of ‘intelligence’ for human conversations, is serving at the pavilion's entrance to guide the visitors in using natural language.

The interior of the pavilion is like a sci-fi world, with dazzling displays of the latest products from SIP-based tech companies, such as a quantum dot screen boasting higher performance for eye protection, and a 46cm-high 3D printing machine that works at a speed 10 times faster than most of other 3D printers do.

Apart from that, there is a booth providing specific information about SIP's business and talent supporting policies and services.


July 10,2018

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