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"1000 Plan" Start-up Contest overseas talent and venture capital exchange successfully held

The overseas talent and venture capital exchange of the 7th 1000 Plan Start-up Contest was successfully held in San Francisco on June 8, attracting nearly 100 unicorns, geeks, top incubators and venture capital institutions from North America.

As a global innovation and entrepreneurship center, Silicon Valley has long been in the spotlight. This is the seventh consecutive year that contest has been promoted in Silicon Valley, in a bid to mine the cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation opportunities and explore differences in venture capital between China and the United States and the future development path.

The 1000 Plan Start-up Contest was launched by the Venture Capital Coummunity and Association of Thousand Talents Program in 2012, targeting top-notch entrepreneurs across the world. The Venture Capital Coummunity is operated and managed by the investment and financing service platform under Oriza Holdings. The event consists of the preliminary contest which is held in major global cities, the second round contest and the final contest. It has attracted more than 5,000 domestic and foreign projects. More than 700 of them qualified for the second round and more than 100 for the finals, 27 people were rated as expert of "1000 Talents Plan" and the total amount of financing for previous projects exceeded RMB3.2 billion.

With six years of exploration, the event has established an effective model with the market players as the leading force, working to gather high-end talents, promote scientific and technological innovation, integrate resources and serve China's national innovation and entrepreneurship strategy. It has attracted a batch of top-tier talents to return to China and start businesses, and mined a large number of superior local start-up projects. It has become an important platform for China to discover and introduce first-class talents under the 1000 Talents Plan and invested in their projects.

Since its launch on January 1, 2018, the 7th 1000 Plan Start-up Contest has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs. The most significant point is ,the post-event services are improving continuously, Meanwhile, the sponsors and their partners jointly established a RMB3 billion intentional investment funding for participating projects.

June 8,2018

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