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Events to enhance residents' ability and knowledge for environmental protection

Communities at Hudong Sub-district enhanced their efforts in disseminating environmental protection concepts and tips among the residents in the advent of the World Environment Day on June 5.

Shuanghuwan Community organized a parent-child DIY event on May 31, when the children made super light clay figurines of marine plants and animals with the help and instructions from the volunteer teacher and their parents, and acquired a better understanding of ocean pollution and countermeasures.

Zhongtang Community hosted an event on June 5 in an attempt to increase the residents' awareness of garbage classification. The community staff explained in detail to the residents the methods of dealing with different kinds of waste and answered their inquiries. Following their guidance, the residents also visited the local low-carbon lifestyle exhibition room, where they viewed the exhibits made of waste materials and played games to consolidate the knowledge they had learnt.

Aoyun Community held an event of similar kind on the day, offering tips on garbage classification to the residents and encouraging them to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle to save resources and reduce pollution to environment.

June 7, 2018

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