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SIP blazes a trail in agricultural modernization

Relying on world leading technologies and continuous innovation, SIP has made remarkable achievements in the development of modern agriculture.

An integrated agricultural ecosystem has taken shape, with 1,547 enterprises engaged in research and development of agricultural technologies, manufacturing of farming equipment and supporting products and supply of related services. And the ecosystem also includes a variety of farms and orchards that employ scientific and eco-friendly techniques to grow organic products. Last year, the total operating income of SIP's agricultural enterprises reached RMB 29.4 billion.

The achievements should be attributed in part to the application of new and high technologies. For example, there is a smart plantation, where vegetable and fruit are cultivated in containers and taken care of through an automatic management system. This enables farming to be less dependent on natural conditions while improving both the quality and yield of agricultural products.

Moreover, agriculture is well linked with tourism and leisure industries. Many of the farms, gardens and orchards offer services for people to experience farming activities and enjoy a sightseeing tour on their holidays. This is a good way to increase the added value of agriculture.


June 7, 2018

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