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Residents share their stories about national college entrance exam

Gaokao, the country's annual national college entrance exam, started on June 7, and millions of students are taking a life-changing test over the following two days. In SIP's Baitang Community, three residents who attended the exam in 1978 shared their stories, hoping to give the youngsters some inspiration.

"It gave a rural girl a chance to grow into a good nurse working in city," said Cai Meiyu, who went to a Shanghai-based medical college after the national exam that year,admitting that the exam greatly changed her life and encouraging the youngsters to study hard for their dreams.

Lu Suping, another participant in that year's exam, told the story about her learning and work experiences and achievements after she failed the exam. She believes that the exam is a good opportunity but not the only way to pursue a wonderful life. She encourages the students to bravely face the failures in their life and make learning a lifetime task.

Wang Hongqing, who passed that year's exam and has been working as a math teacher after graduation, shared his experiences in helping his students in their study and preparations for the national exam.

June 7, 2018

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