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Various events to celebrate the Beginning of Summer

Hudong sub-district recently saw a diversity of events in different communities to celebrate the Beginning of Summer, which, the 7th of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms, fell on May 5 this year. The events offered the residents of all ages good chances to experience traditional Chinese customs.

Among the events was a god worshipping ceremony in Aoyun Community on May 4, when a group of children and middle- and old-aged ladies wearing traditional Chinese costumes attended a series of ancient rituals to pray for good fortune and health.

In most of the events, the participants drew pictures on boiled salted duck eggs and put them into the nets they wove, which, according to customs, symbolizes putting up a protective net against summer diseases. Some of them played the "Egg Tapping" game, a centuries-old game in which players gently tap the tips of their boiled eggs against their opponents' and the one whose egg remained intact will win.

In other activities, the residents made sachets, peeled broad beans and weighed themselves, wishing everything goes well in the summer.


May 8, 2018

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