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Community calligraphy club: a good platform for calligraphy enthusiasts

Founded in 2012, the Honesty Calligraphy Club in SIP's Shihui Community has grown into a team of over 30 local calligraphy enthusiasts and those from neighboring communities. It is playing an increasingly more important role in disseminating traditional Chinese calligraphy culture and skills.

The club members gather at the community's activity room every Tuesday morning to practice handwriting and learn experience from each other. This allows them to continuously improve their attainments in the art of calligraphy.

On the other hand, the club members have been trying to help others with their expertise. They write Spring Festival couplets for the residents before every Chinese New Year, while Wang, one of them, gives free calligraphy lectures on a weekly basis to the local children during summer vacation.

Apart from that, the club holds theme exhibitions to showcase the members' works that bear their beliefs and expectations for life and the motherland.

May 8, 2018

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