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The 6th ITER Council Meeting Held in Suzhou

The 6th ITER Council Meeting Held in Suzhou

The ITER Council, the Governing Body of the International Thermo-Nuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Organization, held the sixth meeting in Suzhou on June 16 and 17.


The sixth meeting of the ITER Council held in Suzhou, China

The ITER, an international research collaboration project committed to the nuclear fusion as an energy source of the future world, has seven members: China, the European Union, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States.


The distinguished guests cut the ribbon for the ITER and Nuclear Fusion Exhibition

The meeting held in Suzhou is the first ever convened outside the EU and Japan in the history of ITER Council. The Council reviewed a series of reports on the Draft Annual Work Plan for 2011, Financial Audit, the ITER Organization's draft budget for next year, Export Control, Peaceful Uses and Non-Proliferation, and the Test Blanket Module program as well as approved the annual accounts and balance sheet for 2009.


Chinese Minister of Science & Technology Wan Gang delivers the opening speech

Chinese Minister of Science & Technology Wan Gang made a speech at the opening ceremony and pointed out that this was the biggest international scientific engineering and research collaboration project that China had participated in as a plenipotentiary partner. He promised China's commitment to the project and also stressed that this was a strategic measure for the country to realize sustainability of energy in the future.


The representatives of the seven ITER members at the 6th ITER Council

To promote public awareness, the ITER China Domestic Agency organized the ITER and Nuclear Fusion Exhibition at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center on June 16-25 to explain the promise and challenges of fusion as an energy source with audio-visual displays, models, ITER components, and posters centering on the contributions made by each ITER Member.

June 18, 2010

  Suzhou Industrial Park Video