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Poverty-relief program sees heartening progress

Good news on Dec 24 said the Nandang gorgon fruit growing experiment Loufeng Sub-district Office has carried out in Dayuan and Centang Villages, Pujue Town, Songtao Miao autonomous county in Southwest China's Guizhou province, is going on so well that a good harvest can be expected.

The experiment is under the Loufeng Sub-district's farming assistance program which was launched early this year for the purpose of helping the villagers increase their income. The nutritious and tonic Nandang gorgon fruit is a widely known Suzhou specialty that is quite popular in domestic market. The sub-district authority hopes that the program can help create a sustainable income source for the local people.

The sub-district office conducted an all-around survey on local climate and farming conditions before picking the two villages as the pilot sites and offering 3,200 seedlings for plantation in two 0.67-ha fields. They also designated two instructors to give the villagers a helping hand.

Suzhou Daily
December 25, 2018

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