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Chinese and Japanese artists' works on display in SIP

The "Cross Domain" Sino-Japanese Youth Art Exhibition kicked off at Jinji Lake Art Museum, SIP on Dec 23 and will last till Feb 28, 2019. On display are 38 visual art works, installments and paintings from 32 young Chinese and Japanese artists.

The exhibits manifest the artists' different insights into the relations between time and existences, environments and memories, dream and reality, and technology and culture, and demonstrate the latest artistic trends in China and Japan.

Interestingly, among the works is a picture named "Shards" which, from Chinese artist Shi Wanwan, is composed of 400 single-color mosaics to portray a blue-and-white porcelain ware made in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The visitors can buy any of pieces at any prices, and the artist promised to pay double to buy them back three years later.

"It is a way to create and own the work together with people who like it," the artist said.

December 23, 2018

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