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Overview of 2014 Achievements of SIP's Three-Year Finance Boosting Program  2014-12-30
10 SIP People Recognized as Suzhou's Role Models in 2014  2014-12-31
HZS-Nanosurf and XJTU High School Launch a Nanotech Teaching Base  2014-12-30
Suzhou Returnees Elite Alliance Established  2014-12-30
Chinese Volunteers Hold Birthday & Farewell Party for a Romanian Colleague  2014-12-28
SIP Starts to Use Suzhou Social Security (Citizen) Cards  2014-12-28
SIP SAT Office Certified another 72 Type A&B Exporters  2014-12-26
SIP Catholic Church Gives First Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve  2014-12-27
Lakeside Forum, a Cultural "Gem" by Dushu Lake  2014-12-31
Seven More Cloud Incubators Unveiled in InnoCorridor  2014-12-26
Tiancheng Volunteers Throw a Farewell Party to Marina and Her Family  2014-12-26
SIP Cloud Computing and IT Promotion Alliances Merged  2014-12-25
2nd Jinji Lake Cloud Industry Summit Held in SIP  2014-12-24
SIP Pharmaceutical Alliance Founded at BioBay  2014-12-24
Zhou Naixiang Inspects Research Institutes and Companies in SIP  2014-12-23
HeRui BioMed Opens China's First Inflammatory Bowel Diseases IVD Center  2014-12-23
YKK AP (Suzhou) Celebrates the Completion of Its New Door & Window Plant in SIP  2014-12-24
3E Industrial Park to Provide Professional Service to Manufacturers  2014-12-23
Yokogawa Gives Environmental Protection Lecture at SIP No.10 Middle School  2014-12-24
SHU Nano-Technology Transfer Center Opens at Nanopolis Suzhou  2014-12-24
SIP SAT Office Reaps Record-high 30-Billion-Yuan Tax Revenue in 2014  2014-12-22
Dongshahu Residents Communicate Their Concerns to Local Officials  2014-12-23
Yang Zhiping Inspects Construction Site of SIP Sports Center  2014-12-23
5th RUS Finance Forum Discusses Risk Management  2014-12-23
Charity Concert for Blind and Deaf-mute Children  2014-12-22
19 Artists Explore Possibilities of Printmaking at 1+ N Exhibition  2014-12-21
Li Hongzhen Exhibits 40 Oil Paintings at Yucun Art Museum  2014-12-21
3-Day China (Suzhou) Food Style 2014 Opens at International Expo Center  2014-12-20
SIP SAT Office Keeps Exporters Updated with the Latest Tax Rebate Policies  2014-12-19
367 SIP Talents Win Honorary Title of "Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents"  2014-12-20
SIP Records Local Tax Revenue of 16b Yuan during First 11 Months  2014-12-19
Santa Claus Delivers Gifts to Foreign Residents  2014-12-22
SIP Government Reviews Its Work about Clean and Honest Administration in 2014  2014-12-19
SIP Service Development Bureau Holds Business Promotion in Shanghai  2014-12-19
Spicy Strip, a Special Treat for Foreign Teachers at XJTLU  2014-12-18
SIP to Impose the Strictest Regulations against Illegal Parking at Hudong and Huxi CBD Areas  2014-12-19
Teachers at SIP Youth and Children Center Show Diverse Talent  2014-12-19
SIP Calls Meeting for Party Secretaries to Review Work of Party Building at Grass-roots Level  2014-12-18
Ground-level Expressway of Xinghua Street Opens to Traffic  2014-12-17
Higer Electric Minivans to Deliver Packages Next Year  2014-12-19
Annie Tang's Family Recognized as Role Model by Municipal Women's Federation  2014-12-18
SIP Government Thanks Business Community with a Christmas Party  2014-12-17
Suzhou to Import More Agricultural Products from Canada  2014-12-16
Zhang Zhong and Qian Jianzhong to Hold Joint Painting & Calligraphy Exhibition  2014-12-17
5th China-Canada Jinji Lake International Education Symposium Held in SIP  2014-12-17
Ballet Swan Lake to Be On at SSCAC  2014-12-17
Hi-Think Opens Financial IT Service Outsourcing Center at TusPark Suzhou  2014-12-15
SIP Making Green Ecology a Key in Pursuing Sustainable Growth  2014-12-15
Falling in Love with Reading English Novels  2014-12-15
Eastern and Western Cultural Exchanges  2014-12-15
SIP Publicizes WeChat Account on Media Day 2014  2014-12-15
Suzhou-Jeonju Cultural Exchange Held in SIP  2014-12-15
80 Teachers from 24 Schools Observe PE Lessons at Xinghai Primary School  2014-12-15
SIP Wins Four Prizes at Suzhou "Our Festival 2014"  2014-12-16
Chinese Edition of Tax Law of Singapore Published in September  2014-12-12
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
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