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Community launches “Cloud Spring Outing” initiative

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Spring is here, and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is fading away. Many people who have locked themselves down at home for months are now eager to go out and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. However, there are also many people who still worry about the risks posed by the virus and therefore choose to stay at home longer till the epidemic totally vanishes. Under such circumstances, SIP’s Qiongjidun Community launched the “Cloud Spring Outings” initiative.
The community committee recently posted a notification in the WeChat group consisting of local residents to remind residents who are planning spring outings to take preventive measures against the disease and encourage them to take some pictures and share them online with other residents.
“It has received positive response from many residents. We received over 10 pictures on the day of the launch of the initiative,” a community worker said. 

March 16, 2020